Who are these Boyds and Why are they in the Woods?

When I told Mr. Boyd we should name our blog ” Boyds in the Woods” he quickly reminded me we are not gangsters ( get it?? Boyz in the Hood?? Anyone?? ). While we may not be gangsters, we are outdoor lovers, food plot farmers, and hunters. If we are not working our typical 9-5’s, we are at our cabin or farm, preparing for the upcoming hunting season. Seriously, our family thinks we are freaks until they see the end result. Thats what we live for.

We started this blog for our friends and family to actually see how much goes into our hunting obsession. We love comments (or complaints!) so don’t be shy, lets hear them!!

Disclosure: Mr. Boyd would like me to point out that I am not a Boyd. I am just Shawna. Plain Ol’ Shawna… Oh that Boyd…

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