Vacation or a bow?


What a tough choice… Go get some rest and relaxation at beautiful Macinaw Island or buy a bow that will probably change my whole idea of hunting??

Easy choice. I ordered a bow from my local archery shop (Thanks Chuck!!). A Mathews Maniac. Nothing fancy. But it’s the perfect bow for a peanut like me. According to Chuck the Maniac is a good bow for those just getting into the sport. And also really good at proving that I CAN and WILL be a better hunter than Nick (it’s a fun competitive thing between us… Don’t judge).

Because I like to be different, I just HAD to order a left handed bow. The nice thing about this bow is, Chuck has a nice deal to go along with it. He’s throwing in a quiver, rest, site AND training. All for the low price of $375. I hope to have very little invested in this bow because I have been warned that I will be ready for an upgrade next fall. By the time it’s all said in done it will cost me $500-$600 (still need to buy arrows, broadheads, a release and a case here people!)

I am pretty pumped if you can’t tell. By next week I will be holding my Mathews in my hand.. Counting down the days till the opener ( btw 76 days.).

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