Food Plots Gone BAD.


We love food plots just as much as the deer we plant them for. Besides providing delicious food for the deer, I get to ride the tractor. Okay actually Nick won’t let me drive but that’s besides the point.

Food plots are amazing and the benefits are endless.  They provide the deer with many of the nutrients that they need. Not only do food plots help grown healthier and larger deer but they help keep the deer in our area!

This spring we were super excited to try a new mix that a local farmer suggested to us. The mixture included  rape, turnips, soy beans, clover and a dash of sun flowers. Something we never planted before (We have planted each seed separately in the past). We loaded up the tractor and rototiller and went to work. And headed to the Rye Field.  Spent the whole day tilling, Round Uping, planting, and packing. We were absolutely thrilled with all that we accomplished and headed home around dusk. On our way home is when Mother Nature decided to rain on our parade. And not some tiny sprinkle. We are talking BUCKETS and BUCKETS and more BUCKETS. Nick was worried about our freshly planted field. We went back the next morning and it was a wash out.

This is the point where you need to picture Nick throwing his hat on the ground and starts kicking and screaming like a 3 year old. After I picked him up off the ground we created a new game plan. We decided to let the plot grown and reseed with something we have experience with. Rye. You know, turn the Rye Field back into it’s original state. It’s been years since we’ve planted rye and it’s been years since we’ve seen a monster in that field.

This weekend we decided to check on the food plot to see if anything actually grew. And honestly it wasn’t pretty.

Seriously! Hide you children, this picture is scary!

I don’t even want to look at it. Somebody help me load the tractor up! Let’s get to work!!

Please tell me someone is having better luck than us! How are your food plots doing?

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