Weekend Recap

While we spent the weekend being horrible fisher-people and spending hours studying hunting film (aka being couch potatoes, obsessing over the Outdoor Network) a lot of exciting things happened this past weekend around the hunting community. Let’s recap!


  • Michigan Moose Hunting  in 2012 is a huge possibility. This has been my dream! To moose hunt. However I dream more of huge Alaskan Moose.
  • The Suburban Bushwacker is actually adventuring in Scotland. Fly fishing in Kilts from what I hear..
  • I feel that somebody should buy me one of these cool shirts from Rut Junkie. Do it NOW!!
  • Hunt Like You’re Hungry has become my new favorite blog EVER.
  • Probably the biggest thing to happen this last week has been the Heritage Bill has been sent to Michigan Governor Rick Snyder. If it passes than the state of Michigan and implement a youth mentoring hunting program.


Anything exciting happen in your end of the world this weekend?

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