How I Started Hunting: Nick B

Everyone has some one that first introduced them to hunting. Maybe it was your grandfather, your dad, your mom, your best friend or even your dear Aunt Sally. For me Nick was the one who introduced me to the sport 6 years ago.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I actually love hearing the stories of how people became hunters. Join me every Thursday to hear from fellow hunters on how they got their start in hunting.


Nick has volunteered (volunteered.. forced.. same thing.) to be the first victim…. I mean our interviewee.

Shawna (S): How long have you been hunting?

Nick (N): I was 12 so about 20 years…


S: Tell me, who introduced you to the Wonderful World of Hunting?

N: I started out pheasant hunting actually with my dad but Grandpa Boyd took me out deer hunting.


S: Do you remember your first hunt? Give me the play by play.

N: Well I actually shot a button buck on accident when I was 12 with my bow. I honestly thought it was a doe I was happy to shot a deer but not that it was a buck.


S: Do you have any other memorable hunting stories you want to share?

N: My dad decided to take my brother and I down to Southern Michigan to do some pheasant hunting. We were only 8 and 9 but it was a blast. Dad had his trusty Irish Setter, Shannon and he was just an amazing bird dog. I also remember when we were done, our sweatpants were chucked full of thistles and burrs. That was when Pheasant hunting was awesome. Not like it is today.


S: What is your favorite hunting tradition?

N: Opening weekend of Muzzle loading season. It’s one of the old weekends my dad can come up and hunt at the cabin.


S: What has been your proudest hunting moment?

N: Oh shooting that 9 point buck on State land. Public land in Michigan is hard to hunt because of the intense pressure on the deer. Especially in our area. The Michigan DNR likes to give out doe tags like its candy.


S: Let’s say you were trapped in the forest for four days what three things would you bring to survive?

N: Where are you coming up with these questions?? Um… I guess matches would be one. A Gun… And probably a knife.


S: Anything you’re really excited for this hunting season?

N: A friend and I are actually going to Montana to hunt for Mule Deer bucks. We’ve been practicing every other weekend shooting over 5oo yards.


S: Any advice for new hunters like myself?

N: Be Patience and spend every second you can in the woods.

And that does it. Big thank you to Nick for putting up with my crazy questions, and sorry I interrupted your ESPN time..


I want to hear from you! It’s time to share your story. All you have to do it email me at and we will get started TODAY!


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