Trail Camera Pictures for the Week of August 1

The Cuddeback was still located in front of the cabin. And imagine our disappointment, when we realized we probably will not see any bears right now. I don’t have many pictures to share with you this weekend.. That is unless you are a Goldie fan.. Anybody?? Hmm.. Anyways on to the photos!

1.)    The ever popular Goldie. This girl must run that place. We seriously have a million pictures of her.

2.)    Hey it Cousin Scott! He and his family own a cabin right down the road and they wanted to do some easy fishing so they headed to Boyd Pond to catch some perch and blue galls.

That’s it.. Sorry I don’t have 3 pictures for you this week. We have since moved the camera down to the field near the salt lick. I expect  some whoppers next week.

 What  do you have on the cameras this week?

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