Just a Girl with some Goals

By nature I am a goal person. I am always working on SOME sort of goal. And with hunting season right around the corner, you better believe that I have goals set and I am ready to smash each and every one!

On to the goals!

½.) POST MY GOALS POST: I’ve had this post written for the last week. It’s just been sitting there waiting to get on the blog..

1.)    Go on a ladies only hunt in a relatively close location: Yup! That’s right I want to go on a hunt with fellow huntresses the only catch is I want to stay within my state. I don’t want to go all crazy just yet.

2.)    Take a child hunting: Michigan just implemented the Heritage Bill. Which states any aged child can go on a hunt trip with an adult mentor. Even if they don’t harvest anything it’s okay. The point is to introduce them to something NEW.

3.)    Find a job: Wait! I’ve already found a job. And not just any j-o-b. I’ve found myself a bonafide CAREER. Yup. I will work at this place until I am 60. I have a retirement fund, GOOD insurance, holidays and summer vacations. Jobs like this are very hard to come by, especially where I live. I am very blessed to even be considered for the position.

4.)    Harvest my first deer: I am also a relatively new hunter. I’ve sat in blinds for years watching other people hunt. This year it’s my turn.  And trust me I am READY

5.)    Go grouse hunting with Nick & Maggie:  The dog isn’t getting any younger but that girl is in her prime! We really want to hunt with her a lot this year because we feel that we cheated her last year due to Nick primarily focusing on bear hunting.

Well that sums up my goals. I hope to accomplish each and every one in a timely manner. You can be sure, that you folks will be the first to know when I accomplish them!

Oh and because no post is complete without a picture, here’s one with Maggie and my boots.


Anything special you want to accomplish this fall?

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