Oh Yeah! Jockey Yeah! Purex Crystals Yeah!

I believe every hunter should be at his or her physical best even during the off season. Which is why I take every opportunity I can to do some sort of working out.  This year’s main focus muscles have been my arms and back and do you know why? Obviously, I want to crank up the poundage in Ol’ Menny. And for that to happen, I have to be STRONGER.

So just when my workouts were getting super intense (Thanks Jillian Micheals!), Purex and Jockey decided that I should test out some of their products. Jockey sent me a 2012 Tech Terry Performance Sports Bra while Purex sent some Purex Crystal Tropical Splash fabric softener.

The Tech Terry sports bra by Jockey is made with moisture-wicking technology which helps keep sweaty hunt-ress like me, cool and dry. What I enjoy the most about this sports bra was how freely I could move about. I felt supported but at the same time like I was wearing nothing at all. The bra also has a secret pocket, which is meant to store your keys but I found that my iPod fits perfect inside. All these little details make me a happy girl and I can tell it is going to be AMAZING once bow season rolls around next fall. Not only did Jockey provide me with an awesome sports bra but they are offering you a chance to receive 20% off your next Jockey purchase. I know you guys are DYING to get your hands on a new sports bra!

Unlike most performance sportswear, you actually can use fabric softener on this Jockey sports bra. This is excellent because I cannot say enough good things about Purex Crystals. Not only does it smell great but it doesn’t contain oil. Which means you can use it on just about anything from athletic wear, towels; I even used it on all the smelly/sweaty sheets and blankets from the cabin.  And it keeps your clothes fresh for weeks. Trust me I can’t say enough about this great fabric softener. However, as much as I love Purex Crystals for my everyday clothes washing, I cannot recommend it for your hunting gear. I guarantee that you will spook the deer smelling like a Tropical Splash.


Jockey and Purex provided free samples of their products so I could review them. However, all the opinions expressed here are my own.

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