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You Want To Grow a Bad Food Plot?

I have noticed a ton of people find our blog by using the key words “bad food plots”.. Which makes me think, everyone wants to know how to ruin a food plot. Luckily for you I have a black thumb … Continue reading

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Taking the Bite out of Summer with Avon (Product Review)

We spend a lot of time in the woods (obviously, I mean why else would we call our blog Boyd’s in the Woods?) and because of our love for everything the outdoors Avon has decided to team up with us … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Patch Food Plot

We are trying something new this year. We planted a pumpkin patch in one of our smaller food plots. We don’t plan on growing monster blue ribbion pumpkins but we do plan on growing monster deer! All together we have … Continue reading

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What do a Coyote, Velvet Antlers and a Mule Deer have in common?

So what DO a coyote, velvet antlers and a mule deer have in common?? Well they actually all live in my deep freezer. Yup that’s right every time I have to run out there to grab a package of venison … Continue reading

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Things Are Lookin’ a Little Green Around Here

I love summer time. Maybe even a little more than winter time. Everything is starting to green up! And exciting things are happening down at the Boyd’s. If you follow me on Instagram(@shawnafleming) you know that I take a lot … Continue reading

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Oh Michigan!

It’s the second of June. The birds are chirping, new buds are blooming and its colder today than it was in January!! Only in Michigan! So how about an update? Yeah I know. I am a major slacker! Lets get … Continue reading

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