Things Are Lookin’ a Little Green Around Here

I love summer time. Maybe even a little more than winter time. Everything is starting to green up! And exciting things are happening down at the Boyd’s. If you follow me on Instagram(@shawnafleming) you know that I take a lot of pictures of Maggie, myself and being outside. The downside with instagram, is that you are limited to one 120 characters. Which means I can’t always explains my pictures like I wish..

 I am happy to report that our pear trees are doing fantastic.  Each tree has 6-8 baby pears on them. Our first since we planted.

 I have not killed our tomato plants. YET! But I did manage to kill off a cucumber plant and a pepper plant.

Also happening at the Boyd’s this weekend… food plot planting, pumpkin patrol, nephew chasing, and maybe some fishing in the pond.

Do you have big plans for the weekend?

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