What do a Coyote, Velvet Antlers and a Mule Deer have in common?

So what DO a coyote, velvet antlers and a mule deer have in common?? Well they actually all live in my deep freezer. Yup that’s right every time I have to run out there to grab a package of venison I am eye to eye with a dead coyote (well not really because he is wrapped up in a garbage bag..). I have to push aside the velvet sheds and the mule deer skull, just to find a fudge pop..

Why do we have this odd combination in our freezer? I have no idea.. The summer I met Nick. We found the coyote on the road.. Hit by a car. In perfect condition. Minus the dead-ness.. Somebody (*coughNickcough*) had this bright idea that one day this pristine coyote  would be made into a beautiful coyote mount..Why? Because every hunter needs a beautiful coyote mount to hang on the wall along with an amazing story of how he hunted and tracked this coyote in a blizzard thirty below.. up hill.. wind blowing.... I mean hit by a car and found on the side of the road.. Yet this ugly beautiful coyote still lives in my deep freezer.. 7 years later..

It’s almost the same story with the velvet antlers.. Nick was driving to work last summer, went over a hill and spotted a dead 7 point buck. He used is sawzall (yeah I totally google what one of those look like…) and chopped sawed the antlers off, threw it in the bed of his work truck and went about his day..  Did I mention it was July and it was like 100-million degrees outside? Let’s put this equation together.. Dead deer skull top + Hot humid Michigan in July weather + velvet antlers = the stinkiest thing EVER.  Instead of just leaving it outside to just air out it went into a garbage bag and straight into the deep freezer..

The Mule Deer was actually hunted in Montana. We have been waiting for Stan our taxidermist to have an opening to get him mounted. Hopefully this sucker will be at Stan’s by the end of June being made all pretty so he can hang on the wall with his white tail companion..

That still leaves me with some lingering questions.. When will I get rid of that ugly coyote?? Will the stinky sheds ever go outside? Will Mule-y get mounted? Will Nick and Shawna move to Iowa and be happy ever after???

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