Let’s Chat

Earlier today, we talked about how much I adore my new Jockey sports bra and Purex Crystals. I also touched on base on how I feel it’s extremely important to stay on top of my game during the off season.  But now I want to hear from you! To participate, it’s easy! Just answer these simple questions either in a comment or on your blog. Can’t wait to read your responses!

1.)    What do you do to stay in shape when not hunting?

2.)    Besides staying healthy what else do you do to preparation for the hunting season?

3.)    Any new goals for this hunting season?

Here’s what I have to say:

1.)      What do you do to stay in shape when not hunting? During the winter, I am a DVD work out junkie. But that’s only because there is too much snow to get my bike on the road. During the spring and summer I am your lady version of Lance Armstrong.
2.)      Besides staying healthy what else do you do to preparation for the hunting season? I actually do a lot of prep work in the spring and summer. Not only am I out practicing with my bow every day but as a team, we are constantly in the field creating food plots and scouting deer!
3.)      Any new goals for this hunting season? OH YEAH! I’ve got big plans! On MAJOR goal I have it, is to find a spot to hunt where I feel absolutely comfortable with and nobody will kick me out because it was “their spot last year”. Last fall, I kept getting bumped from every spot I sat at. I had crazy duck hunters by the creek and Nick’s mean hunting buddies kicking me out of my spot along the fence row, because that’s where they hunted last year… psh boys..
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Oh Yeah! Jockey Yeah! Purex Crystals Yeah!

I believe every hunter should be at his or her physical best even during the off season. Which is why I take every opportunity I can to do some sort of working out.  This year’s main focus muscles have been my arms and back and do you know why? Obviously, I want to crank up the poundage in Ol’ Menny. And for that to happen, I have to be STRONGER.

So just when my workouts were getting super intense (Thanks Jillian Micheals!), Purex and Jockey decided that I should test out some of their products. Jockey sent me a 2012 Tech Terry Performance Sports Bra while Purex sent some Purex Crystal Tropical Splash fabric softener.

The Tech Terry sports bra by Jockey is made with moisture-wicking technology which helps keep sweaty hunt-ress like me, cool and dry. What I enjoy the most about this sports bra was how freely I could move about. I felt supported but at the same time like I was wearing nothing at all. The bra also has a secret pocket, which is meant to store your keys but I found that my iPod fits perfect inside. All these little details make me a happy girl and I can tell it is going to be AMAZING once bow season rolls around next fall. Not only did Jockey provide me with an awesome sports bra but they are offering you a chance to receive 20% off your next Jockey purchase. I know you guys are DYING to get your hands on a new sports bra!

Unlike most performance sportswear, you actually can use fabric softener on this Jockey sports bra. This is excellent because I cannot say enough good things about Purex Crystals. Not only does it smell great but it doesn’t contain oil. Which means you can use it on just about anything from athletic wear, towels; I even used it on all the smelly/sweaty sheets and blankets from the cabin.  And it keeps your clothes fresh for weeks. Trust me I can’t say enough about this great fabric softener. However, as much as I love Purex Crystals for my everyday clothes washing, I cannot recommend it for your hunting gear. I guarantee that you will spook the deer smelling like a Tropical Splash.


Jockey and Purex provided free samples of their products so I could review them. However, all the opinions expressed here are my own.

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A Very Boyd-y Update

Wow it’s ALREADY February! Boy has time flown by! So what have your favorite Boyd’s been up to? Well a little bit of this and a little bit of that. So let’s start from the beginning of January shall we?

Around the beginning of the year, we joined some of our neighbors (and by some I mean almost 20 different hunting clubs!!) surrounding our cabin property to form a small Quality Deer Management group. While we have always practiced our own QDM guide lines, but our neighbors have not, until now. It’s truly great to have everyone on the same page now and seeing everybody working together for the benefit of our herd. While we might not see results right away we will be able to reap the benefits in the next few years.

                  Early In January, we noticed that our little deer were losing their antlers. So we tried our luck in some Shed Hunting. Sadly, I don’t have a shed hunting dog and she refuses to learn to become one. This left me walking in the swamp, knee deep (aka 2 inches) snow, over fallen trees, thru twisty-turny deer trails only to come back with nothing. No luck what so ever. If you have tips, I would love you FOREVER.

[Please know that I am aware that the above picture is a doe…]


Mid-January we went to cheer on our favorite snow cross racer.  Yup, that’s our nephew. The BEST snow mobile rider I know. This year is a big deal for that little peanut. It’s his last year riding this sled (he will move up to a bigger[!!!] sled next year) and a there is a BIG possibility he is going to the championships over in Lake Genova at the end of this season. And guess which favorite Aunt and Uncle were invited to tag along!?!


In case you didn’t know this is the Year of Milestones for me (and my family). My baby sister kicked off the Year of Milestones by turning 18(!!) it seems crazy to me and I swear she was just born yesterday.  Her friends threw her a surprise “Mooostache Party” and they trusted me to be the “distracter”, which is a bold move by them, because everybody who is anybody knows I cannot keep secrets.

We also experience ONE weekend of a true Michigan Winter which we gladly spent snowmobiling. Sadly, the only evidence I have is this AMAZING picture. I promise it really does snow in Michigan. I had a blast but being the Token Slow-poke doesn’t get you many snowmobile invites.


How is the new year been treating you deer dear readers.. Give me your update!


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A Little Hunting Update.

It’s been 4 months since I’ve last posted. A lot of things have happened since then.


I got an awesome job.

I cut internet from my house.

I STILL have not shot any deer and


Nick was able to go to Montana to shoot a mule deer. ( a three by three -last day they were out there.)

So that’s whats been going on in the Wild Wild World of Boyd’s. Anything new in your neck of the woods?

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Trail Camera Pictures for the Week of August 28

I pulled the SD card from the farm this week and I have to say it’s my favorite pictures to date. Lots of exciting things going on up there. Let’s take a look!

1.)    Out of 511 pictures on the camera THIS was the first picture we seen looked at the pictures. Holy moley talk about excited!

2.)    Next we saw this young beau. Very nice. No brow tines but still looks great!

3.)    Finally, we seen this picture. Talk about excitement! If you can’t tell there is a 9 point, a 4 point and a 5 point all in this picture. Soon they will break up from their bachelor groups but for now they are sticking close to each other.



That was my exciting weekend. Anything impressive on your camera this week?

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Wait!? Is that a BUCK or DOE?!

Greetings, Ladies and Gentlemen. So glad you could join us today! I would like to introduce you to a brand new game here at Boyd’s in the Woods. I like to call it Is that a BUCK or DOE? The game is simple…. You look at a couple of pictures, determine if the deer in question is a buck or if it’s simply a doe. Got it?



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Just a Girl with some Goals

By nature I am a goal person. I am always working on SOME sort of goal. And with hunting season right around the corner, you better believe that I have goals set and I am ready to smash each and every one!

On to the goals!

½.) POST MY GOALS POST: I’ve had this post written for the last week. It’s just been sitting there waiting to get on the blog..

1.)    Go on a ladies only hunt in a relatively close location: Yup! That’s right I want to go on a hunt with fellow huntresses the only catch is I want to stay within my state. I don’t want to go all crazy just yet.

2.)    Take a child hunting: Michigan just implemented the Heritage Bill. Which states any aged child can go on a hunt trip with an adult mentor. Even if they don’t harvest anything it’s okay. The point is to introduce them to something NEW.

3.)    Find a job: Wait! I’ve already found a job. And not just any j-o-b. I’ve found myself a bonafide CAREER. Yup. I will work at this place until I am 60. I have a retirement fund, GOOD insurance, holidays and summer vacations. Jobs like this are very hard to come by, especially where I live. I am very blessed to even be considered for the position.

4.)    Harvest my first deer: I am also a relatively new hunter. I’ve sat in blinds for years watching other people hunt. This year it’s my turn.  And trust me I am READY

5.)    Go grouse hunting with Nick & Maggie:  The dog isn’t getting any younger but that girl is in her prime! We really want to hunt with her a lot this year because we feel that we cheated her last year due to Nick primarily focusing on bear hunting.

Well that sums up my goals. I hope to accomplish each and every one in a timely manner. You can be sure, that you folks will be the first to know when I accomplish them!

Oh and because no post is complete without a picture, here’s one with Maggie and my boots.


Anything special you want to accomplish this fall?

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