A Very Boyd-y Update

Wow it’s ALREADY February! Boy has time flown by! So what have your favorite Boyd’s been up to? Well a little bit of this and a little bit of that. So let’s start from the beginning of January shall we?

Around the beginning of the year, we joined some of our neighbors (and by some I mean almost 20 different hunting clubs!!) surrounding our cabin property to form a small Quality Deer Management group. While we have always practiced our own QDM guide lines, but our neighbors have not, until now. It’s truly great to have everyone on the same page now and seeing everybody working together for the benefit of our herd. While we might not see results right away we will be able to reap the benefits in the next few years.

                  Early In January, we noticed that our little deer were losing their antlers. So we tried our luck in some Shed Hunting. Sadly, I don’t have a shed hunting dog and she refuses to learn to become one. This left me walking in the swamp, knee deep (aka 2 inches) snow, over fallen trees, thru twisty-turny deer trails only to come back with nothing. No luck what so ever. If you have tips, I would love you FOREVER.

[Please know that I am aware that the above picture is a doe…]


Mid-January we went to cheer on our favorite snow cross racer.  Yup, that’s our nephew. The BEST snow mobile rider I know. This year is a big deal for that little peanut. It’s his last year riding this sled (he will move up to a bigger[!!!] sled next year) and a there is a BIG possibility he is going to the championships over in Lake Genova at the end of this season. And guess which favorite Aunt and Uncle were invited to tag along!?!


In case you didn’t know this is the Year of Milestones for me (and my family). My baby sister kicked off the Year of Milestones by turning 18(!!) it seems crazy to me and I swear she was just born yesterday.  Her friends threw her a surprise “Mooostache Party” and they trusted me to be the “distracter”, which is a bold move by them, because everybody who is anybody knows I cannot keep secrets.

We also experience ONE weekend of a true Michigan Winter which we gladly spent snowmobiling. Sadly, the only evidence I have is this AMAZING picture. I promise it really does snow in Michigan. I had a blast but being the Token Slow-poke doesn’t get you many snowmobile invites.


How is the new year been treating you deer dear readers.. Give me your update!


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